Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! It can’t be After all that you said concerning floppy dives and their cables and connections, and the LED, I also suspect now that the board on my floppy drive is fried, except if the power cable is faulty. The second one makes a bootable CD. I need to first review the information you posted me concerning this, and research and learn a few more things on the net. Please leave note how did you go. There is No AGP expansion slot.

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If you find they don’t have enough capacity for your needs, you can use a free program available on the same web site as a larger hard drive’s brand to copy the entire data contents of a hard drive to a larger hard drive.

OtheHill and Tubesandwires, Good morning. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. The drawbacks are they cost a lot more per gb, and there is a lot lower max capacity. I am unable at present to create a floppy disk because my MS computer that is connected to the net, informs me to insert a floppy disk while I have already inserted a floppy disk into the floppy drive, so I don’t know whether the floppy drive is faulty or not I have never had the need to use this drive since I got this computerand I am not in the mood to figure it out now either.

Thank you for your time and for all the other information. The screen is blank black.

Help me resurrect a throw-away MS-6714 VER:1

I intend to buy a brand new hard disk drive in the near future that would be ideal for my circumstances. Related Topics r 67 i ig igl MS msi vr drivers iGL WX drivers igl w model audio chipset ms manual igl w audo manual igl driver dan sound download driver sound msi The four item in the list appears to be the correct file. If there happens to be a card reader in a bay disconnect it. Thanks for the info on hard disk drives and bits and bytes.


What is the difference md-6714 “video input” and “video output”? I wrote right at the beginning at 3 “It has no hard drive. Check the clear CMOS jumper to verify it is set in the run position.

You need at least a minimal amount of free space on the C partition on the hard drive in order for Windows to be able to run at the max speed it can run. Is it a better idea to have two internal hard disk drives in m-6714 computer instead of one so that one of them be used for backup of files? If there are or more errors, the long test quits, because they know if it has or more LBA errors, the chances are very high that the drive is definitely failing and there would be no point in putting more effort into trying to cure the problem, because even if you wrote zeros to the drive the problem will probably rapidly get worse.

I tried with all the other few old floppies that I had and got similar messages for each one I inserted – “Disk error on track so and so Not 5 seconds for long. Some old drives have multiple ks-6714 numbers on the label – the drive model can be any one of those.


The suffix after the MS indicate what else is included.

A single floppy drive needs to be plugged into the end connector on the other end of the data cable, not the middle connector on a 3 connector data cable. If a file has a. Have you tried letting Seatools do the repair? Are you sure that is the exact model number. You could use any of those you mentioned to clean the smi, as long as you aduio off the heads after you use them to remove any possible tiny amount of residue.

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The following readings were as follows: I recommend you make at least two partitions when you have only one hard drive, the second one being smaller, for a place to store data you don’t want to lose if you ever need to re-install Windows from scratch. I appreciate it very much.

You should do this anyway. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: Programs you commonly need You then need to choose to make at least one partition to install Windows on.

Smaller brand name system builders often have that situation for the CD that came with it.