It also seems that some people have seen the MAX work as intended [ 25 ]. You could make 1. Postscript – December I learnt about the P version from [ 28 ], but it seems to have appeared in You can only receive what has been transmitted. Or maybe 8 us as per your title? That is what it does under DC.

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June 1, at One input to the analogue comparator AIN0, digital pin 6 comes from a potentiometer which is used to set the trigger level; the other input comes from the ATMega analogue multiplexer.

Good Vibrations: Giving the HC-SR04 a Brain Transplant

A much simpler drive circuit can be made from a MAX In answer to your second question, the 10us is probably to allow the firmware in the microcontroller to recognize the input. It’s also of no advantage to have too long a sequence of cycles.

Was there any progress made here? March 8, at One simple improvement is to use the capture register in the ATMega[ 6 ][ 8 ] see also GPS ; a transition mwx232 Pin 8 saves the state of timer 1 to a special register and optionally generates an interrupt. A small cap in charge pump could deliver that, no?


Otherwise it would be more-or-less flat. In the first the red signal is the trigger input, and yellow the echo output. The comparator output traces in these screen shots show many cycles – not just eight. I built up a breadboard with ultraspnic LogoChip on it and verified operation.

I’d like to play around with the raw ultrasonic signal at the receiver of the HC-SR This is a screen shot of the signal sent to the transmitting ultrasonic transducer yellow utrasonic as before the echo pin red. This does not happen.

Good Vibrations: Giving the HC-SR04 a Brain Transplant | Hackaday

One way of reducing the direct signal is to add paper tubes to the HC-SR04 as shown in the first photo. Goofballtech on Sep 09, I have a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor which I need a circuit to make it send a pulse to sense an object in a continues pulse and receive some type ultrasonid volts ultrawonic.

Even worse, the micro runs on an unmarked 27MHz crystal which had quite a bit of drift. They are part of my project page.

To obtain the distance, measure the width Ton of Echo pin. None of the options quite work out: There are reasons that your don’t see many people using these transducers in that form.


The comparator looking at negative peaks can only be accurate to the distance between peaks. Hi, I can use some help from guys that worked with these type or other types of transducers.

Here is a typical one:. They have a mechanical resonance at 40kHz.

May 28, at This screen shot shows the result of pointing the HC-SR04 into the void, ultarsonic objects in range. One trace for each pin on the transmit transducer. There are various sources of errors: As a result when the final amplifier output is less than the threshold the comparator output will go positive.

In other words the output is not a monotonic function of distance. I would agree with your comments more if the question was about the Rx channel, but it was about the Tx channel. It is claimed to run from 3. Notify me of new comments via email.