They can fit you clubs so your games gets better in parts you didn’t even know you could improve. You can adjust the weights for either a neutral ball flight or a draw ball flight. Imagine finding out that the club’s you’ve been hacking with for 8 years are just not right for you Why Foregolf is the perfect fit? Been to see the team to sort out my wedges and putter couldn’t be happier.

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I am down to 9.

I first got fitted by fore settungs custom 4 years ago where I got a full set of cobra irons and a Wilson driver, my golf game improved so much and the consistency that comes from properly fitted clubs can only be experienced when you visit fore golf custom. It was good craic and very professional I booked in for 1 hour session a hour and a half later I was still smashing balls!! Because unless you have hours of time up your sleeve you will not be able to find the optimum settings settinbs you quickly and easily.

A pleasure to meet with and talk to Don, Aaron and then David. I can highly recommend this fitting service for any golfer. This has a major impact on your game. Last time as below I wasnt able to get fitted because as I like to say, I was rubbish, numbers didnt add up. You do get feedback on when you hit a poor drive.


Fitting clubs is part art, part science, and a little black magic! From my experience of lof been fitted for a new driver taking all my stats and ball striking into account, I was fitted professionally with a club head and shaft which suited my swing and greatly improved my accuracy and distance. Had a great morning with all the people at foregolf Great welcome by Christine on arrival and she makes the best cup of tea too! If something wasn’t better than what I had, we moved on.

I visited Foregolf as a birthday gift yesterday and was very impressed.

TaylorMade R1 Golf Driver |

The facilitites at Killeeb Castle are first class. I tried my own just to see where Settinngs was at. Expert Custom Fitting Review: Such a great experience and I left realising I wasn’t mad the last few years struggling from 4 ft. What an incredible experience loved it learnt so much hope new clubs are as great as last set also from Fore Golf which served me well for last 14 years.

Went for a club settongs last week must say how pleased I was with the experience! Totally professional friendly people and do not pressure you into buying anything.

No matter what your level is, golf is much more fun when you are using clubs to match your swing.

TM R1 Driver adjustment question?

Derek was very professional and personal. I was fitted by David, a thorough Gent just like the rest of the lads. You won’t look back.


ForeGolf is a genuinely professional outfit which goes the extra mile both on the personal and golfing levels settingd I would unreservedly recommend them. It’s all in front of you, no big mystery to it. Dave is a real expert, after every couple of balls I hit he made the necessary tweaks, and I ended up with woods and irons that have made a massive difference to my game. WOW didnt even know half it was possible. Initially I struggled with the club but now its like poetry.

There was no hard sell and he advised current driver and woods all of which were pretty new were a good fit already so to focus on the settigns. James Shippam Hunterslodge Gundogs T A very personal and professional service provided, I’ve been to visit twice over the last few years and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

From the moment I walked in Derek made me feel very welcome and unbelievably at ease Probably the best experience ive had in golf overall.