We’ve been asked how much video can be recorded on the Lobster. Against Sound and picture quality hit and miss. Don’t show this again. The phone doesn’t support Wi-fi or infrared. It should only be seen when there’s not a good enough signal to view TV.

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Wire grumbles aside, in our tests we had hugely differing results when it came to tuning in. A notch above expectation. We’ve been asked how much video can be recorded on the Lobster. You’ll also need a Lobsyer SD card with enough storage for your navigation software 1 gig card will be fine We generally favour TomTom’s mapping and satnav solution, and in our forumwe’ve had confirmation that it’s possible to use TomTom Mobile v5. If only it had been available during the World Cup.

From the Start screen, press ‘Start’, go to Windows Media, then press ‘Menu’, choose option 4 ‘Library’then choose option 2 for the storage card.

DAB channel listings on a Lobster. The number you get will vary depending on where you are in the country, just as with any Lobstee set. A more traditional MP3 rundown test with the screen forced on delivered just over eight hours of music. The mini-USB socket at the bottom of the phone accepts the connector from the lobsher mains transformer.


We expect this will all change in time, though. Alternatively, you can access the SD card via Windows Media.

The problem, like loobster portable DAB radio players, is that once you start to loose the signal, the signal doesn’t just get worse as with FM, it goes altogether. Signal is achieved by the Lobster TV’s headphone cable doubling up as the aerial to boost reception and while the use the cable is an obvious one, in a world where more of us are using Bluetooth headsets the need to go back to wires lobeter rather frustrating.

See our GPRS connectivity page for general help. It lives under the SIM.

BBC One will be lobstfr on a trial basis for 12 months and will be provided free to consumers regardless. In summary, we really like this phone – it’s well-built, hi-spec, and the radio and TV is a crowd pleaser.

DAB channel listings on a Lobster Connectivity: Scroll down to “Notification type” and select ‘Vibrate then sound’. A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen. You can set reminders to watch a particular channel at a particular time, though. We were able to tune into close to the maximum 50 DAB stations available. For help connecting to lobter PC, see our ActiveSync page.

However, in our tests around London, Ascot and everywhere in between, we found that getting a decent reception was very lobsterr and miss however in these areas we could access TV over mobile with no problem.


Still, a phone with access to DAB radio is a tempting proposition in itself and there are enough extras on board this easy-to-use phone – TV, Internet access, Windows Media player and web-based lboster – to make this a very smart smartphone.

Virgin Mobile Lobster TV review: Virgin Mobile Lobster TV – CNET

Want to read PDFs on your Lobster ? On all channels, some US, sports and film content won’t be broadcast at all due to rights issues. It’s also a good idea to remove the memory card if you’re having a problem restarting the phone. See our Smartphone FAQ.

Lobster 700TV Mobile Phone with built-in TV and Radio

Thanks to Ken Storey for pointing us to the 2. The biggest problem we found, wasn’t the battery life – that was actually very good, it was locking on to a signal to get TV.

Here are some other useful snippets from our site visitors: BBC1 is trailing for a year. Ask in our Windows Mobile forum Latest software version?

The new no-compromise MacBook.