It may be the first pulseaudio was actually handling some sound and the second started by XFCE cannot find the profile files. I tried your thing and it worked for the first time, but when i tried to run it again in the next day it didn’t worked anymore i don’t remember what i did except echo’ing et. My God, how in the world did you hack these apps? Anyone have any ideas to fix this? I can only run the script by typing.

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Failed to find a working profile.

[HOWTO] SDL sound (read: ALSA) support for Enemy Territory [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Originally Posted by Gerard Lally. When you exit ET and want to play TrueCombat: But it took a few minutes to figure out that I didn’t have libsdl installed. I’m not aware of what PulseAudio is, so after some research I understood it’s used for network streaming audio streams. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

Another workaround that worked for me is using libsdl1. Some work was started on making portaudio support PulseAudio but this does not appear to be under active development currently and does not work in it’s current state.


Please refer to the KDE wiki page for further information and setup instuctions. Total sample cache size: If I load et.

Rather to use a specific hardware device, and use pasuspender to momentarily suspend pulseaudio. Basically, a channel allows you to set certain settings to certain sounds.

SDL SoundBank

The executable is no different. When i run et there is no problem, but no sound. But PCM channel in alsamixer now doesn’t work, I can use Front channel for volume changes, but I can hear sound even if it’s set to 0.

Quick googling with that error message bring up this thread about flash 9 ALSA wdl http: In this side tutorial we are going to be adding a soundbank that will load all of our sounds, and then we call play them via an ID whenever we want. Email me about changes to this bug report.

BTW, the recommended launcher script et-sdl-sound home page http: Xine The newest 1. I downloaded the source files and it was a lot, more than I expected. I strongly suggest using the almighty “search” -feature. And even few ‘ms’ make a huge difference phlse sound, making it choppy. Too many bugs in Jackalope and 8.


And how to get this work of course? I have no Bluetooth gear nor do I intend to start. Ubuntu is a really mature distro imho, I’ve been loacing it for a while. The pulseaudio started by XFCE may be a rogue.

End initialization Audio initialized – driver: Amarok has gone amok. You’ll have to kill or suspend pulseaudio before you use this application. I’m also using arch and not ubuntu but i had same problem in ubuntu This version will route audio through PulseAudio when started as “padsp skype”.

Basically I want to embed it, the code part only what I need. We have our static control, our empty constructor, and then our loading function. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.