The display lid is covered with a black high gloss finish on its outside. Or maybe your sights are a bit lower and you just think it might boost your ability Why the BeBook neo ereader works for me. The touchpad surprisingly showed an almost squarish layout , very untypical for a netbook of this size. Since way before the wave of such things being trendy.

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LG – X review Source: LG claims the wide keyboard on the X reduces errors and gives the user a more enjoyable typing experience.

LG X110 netbook with 3G mobile broadband

Compared to other netbooks the difference might be the standard hard drive compared to flash memory, which uses less power. One of its key plus points is the GB hard drive which I reckon means that many users could store all their data on it. Preis mangelhaft Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Techradar LG’s netbook has the looks, but does it have the brains too?

All the gen is here. The netbook remains practically silent except for quiet running noises from the hard disk.

Living with the Sony Vaio P – the return. After a few years, LG largely withdrew from the laptop sector. The finished look is classy without standing out too much and really helps to set it apart 3t other netbooks. This particular netbook uses a standard 2.


Many thanks to Cyberport. Its strengths lie primarily in its designits input devices and the outdoor suitable display. The LG X also does without a safety catch. On the one hand the display collects points, in regards to the maximal brightness and the extremely good contrastbut remains with its only under average illumination and an average viewing angle stability not completely without critique. LG managed to design ,g system to handle any situation we threw at it, while still keeping the case hand and lv friendly.

It was possible to use the netbook even for touch typing without any further problems. Both USB ports are positioned fairly far on the front side edge and even the right USB is found in the first third of the side edge. The speakers are located underneath the palmrest and aimed to x11 downward.

A total of 3 USB 2. The geek in me loves the idea, but the book fan loathes it.

LG X specifications and information.

The application of maximal 2 GB are also only possible here, which can x1110 advantages in certain memory-heavy applications, for instance image editing or simply using more programs at once multitasking. The rubbery feet help to stabilize the X on uneven surfaces, and prevent it front sliding around with your hands typing away on the keyboard. On the one hand, a model with a black and white color combination is offered, reminding somewhat of a sandwich and on the other, there’s the design variation clad completely in white, for the innocent of the netbook customers.


One charger to rule them 3b. I could certainly happily install the applications and data I need for both work and leisure.

LG X110 Netbook – Features built in 3G

Some interesting statistics were released recently about the take-up of various versions of Android. Klein, bunt, mobil Source: The LG X offers good looks and solid x101, but it does limit future expansion for users who might want to tweak things like system memory.

The X is a stylish new netbook from LG, which offers stylish portability and optional 3G wireless for internet access anywhere you might venture. Why the BeBook neo ereader works for me. The surface temperatures of the mini-notebook also stay within a limit. Where many of the netbooks currently on the market opt for mean-looking black and blue shades for their keyboards and cases, this LG X mixes up soft shades of white and silver.

The disk with a rotation velocity of rpm and a gross capacity of gigabytes showed very good results in the HDTune benchmark test, regarding the transfer rates and access times.