If true, is there a small utility that can find the blue ThinkVantage button and allow me to configure it any way I want? If you ever come up with an answer to the question make sure to share it with the rest of us. As advised on some older topic, I installed older, 3. Bighaugs , Sep 22, Just go to for example “Run a terminal” and press the ThinkPad Button, when asked for a “New accelerator I can see that some people know that the ThinkVantage button is fully configurable from looking at a website at: Log in or Sign up.

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The Rescue and Recovery screen opens. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

I had a new image to thinkvantzge building today. See the linked pages for details. If I attempt to uninstall it again, I get a pop-up saying it is already running the uninstallation, but it is not.

Lenovo abruptly drops ThinkVantage ‘big blue button’ support

It’s a small utility that seems like it will give more glue and might be easier to deal with. HAL will map the ThinkPad button to either ‘vendor’ or ‘prog1’, depending on the version of the hal-info config files. Check out the ThinkPad subreddit at http: The website you mentioned contains instructions for Linux, not Windows.

Is it access to “toolbox”? Older versions mapped it to ‘vendor’ because that is the most logical choice.


The elements of cybersecurity hygiene and secure networks — Part 2. I think this program installs some kind of monitoring service to the computer, but I can’t figure out for sure Do you think it requires more than just the OSD component of the Hotkey drivers? Microsoft’s emergency Internet Explorer patch renders some Bluee laptops unbootable 41 Comments.

However, there’s no equivalent service in place yet, and there’s still no indication as to what caused the company to yank support blur very abruptly.

Reassign the ThinkVantage button to open Word or IE? | NotebookReview

In that btton most probably also on Vista. Follow these steps to create a batch file, then create a registry entry to make the ThinkVantage button point to that program: Instagram accidentally rolls out new horizontally scrolling feed to much confusion. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs.

You can see the original instructions posted HERE One advantage of creating a batch file and registry key is that you are able to open multiple programs with the push of just one button. It may be obtained by performing a general web search for the phrase “archived flash player.

Or do I have somewhere to download an application from Lenovo to button it work? Right click on the.

Maybe someone else can try to dig through this. Hopkins’ notice was posted at 5: In short – if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Your name or email address: However the ‘vendor’ button keycode is out of range for Xorg, which made it impossible to have Xorg respond to the keypress this limitation should be fixed with Xorg 1. I think I have discussed this with you on tginkvantage Lenovo forums. It was announced in late March, but only as Lenovo owners get around to updating their systems are they becoming aware that ThinkVantage System Update TVSUthe power behind the ” big blue button ,” has been discontinued, eliminating the line’s beloved automatic-update capability.


Lenovo ThinkPad keyboards

If you have installed a new operating system of the original Lenovo that the computer came with, then the thinkvantage button will no longer work as that fuction is no longer supported in windows The end-of-quarter timing may or may not provide a clue, as may the fact that TVSU was still hosted on IBM’s servers; Lenovo did not respond to our interview request for this article by press time.

Register Sign In Help. To enter the bios press f12 or enter during computer boot sequence, should get you into the bios, which is what the thinkvantage button did. You also can use the ThinkVantage button to interrupt the startup sequence of your computer and start the.