Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Now what can I do? I also just tried booting to the USB stick then selecting “Boot from first Hard disk”, editing the kernel params and booting. Just blank screen and blinking cursor in the upper left corner. I’m not sure what MS has changed but it seems to work better to me.

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It was a pretty nasty hack but it works for now.

Kohjinsha Laptop UMPC User Thread – Page 92 –

That’s the my umpc that i got sn8 with twitter and blogging video chatting etc The obvious reason for this step is to backup you precious data.

No solution as yet. It did come up in mirror mode at first. Last edited by jenhwa; at Maybe with Ubuntu can we repeat the trick?

Just blank screen and blinking cursor in the upper left corner. You know after you’re done installing and it prompts if you want to restart, is that when you somehow magically use grub2? The kohjinsha has a Webcam on it, and some button to rotate the screen and shutter button to switch on the camera.


I’m not sure what MS has changed but it seems to work better to me.

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Try doing a scan with the HDD manufacturer’s utility. Please refer to our Terms kohjinha Service for more information. I just followed your instructions and now have Jaunty working. If a driver was completely removed it will be up to the manufacturer of that driver to release an updated version.

I eh8 haven’t found anyone that has succeeded. When you use dd to make a 1: I’ve had some trouble outputting to an external display and had to mess around with wireless, but I’ve had it working months now no problems. So now my next goal in life is to switch from Windows to Linux Ubuntu.

Its been hinted to in a number of posts, though never detailed upon. Then there are two problems: Boot into your newly installed system.

I’ve read about clonezilla. Thats it, we are done. A quick search on these forums gives these threads: I can’t get wi-fi working plus the graphics driver sg8 broken so we only have vesa x I want to do the same thing Bruno but honestly you’re better off installing the new beta of Windows 7 until these driver issues get ironed out.


That may be something to look into. Thanks again, best regards, Kent. Friday, July 17, 9: Are there anyone make the GPS works?

The ubuntu grub2 https: Do you run Video driver in x resolution on Ubuntu?? I think the 3d issue is related to the difficulty with suspend and hibernate. I’m not an expert, but I love Ubuntu and I’d like it run correclty on this good netbook.