FTM can work on only and requires special calibrations so that an off the shelf won’t be able to provide accurate measurements. I made everything you said but when I do a “make” on the step 8 8. Activate at least cfg and mac There are four repositories that we maintain: Note We support issues related to the download and installation of software only. Follow the instructions in this answer, , just replace alx with intel when calling the driver-select script.

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Linux* Support for IntelĀ® Wireless Adapters

The revision number of a D device is 0x, if you see any other number, you have a device. The fact that one of these options helped doesn’t prove that the issue being troubleshooted is ‘platform noise’, but it may be an indication. I’ve actually gotten it to work with nm-applet now, so I don’t have to do this anymore. Monitor 49655agn – see note.

Debian User Forums

From what I have read at: Can you try using wicd instead of NetworkManager? There intdl any “ultimate” guides, mainly because there’s just so much options in the kernel and everybody has a different setup and needs, so it would be quite hard to satisfy anybody with it.

Results 1 to 10 of Actually, that’s one of the reasons that I’m running the amd64 port. I finally decided to update the top part of this, using information thats from all of the subsequent posts.


And here I am. In order to determine if your device is a ‘D’ version, you can check the dmesg output:. If I do figure it out or you figure it out, please, let’s post the details here.

The time now is Once you have the firmware loader in place or if you aren’t sure and you just want to try things to see if it worksyou need to install wigi firmware file into the appropriate location. Check if the correct kernel is loaded. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

I used the iwlwifi 1. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next driver version or we’ll see a new ucode version That’s all, cheers! And the mac module is needed only by the iwlwifi driver. As I don’t think I have the history with Linux to know what methods I should be using and what methods may be out of date.

This howto is to try and get Intel wifi cards, found in the Santa Rosa chipset, working. To report a bug or issue, follow the guidance on the bugs and support page.

In this example, enabling the wireless card failed as a radio frequency kill state is set usually to keep power consumption at bay and not connect by accident to a wireless network. Is the card a AGN? When I first had a go at it, I’ve done it like 10 times in the span of 2 days till I got it right.


Minstrel and its The following devices are supported since kernel version: The steps for installing and configuring this are very distribution specific and the tools differ, but distributions have this enabled. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Just type in “modprobe mac” and there you have it. If that doesn’t work, or you need newer firmware, read on.?

Linux* Support for IntelĀ® Wireless Adapters

One approach that you may also try although I hear it’s a bit more advanced, but there are instructions for it on the net is to get a debian live-cd and install from that by chroot’ing the system to your hard drive. You don’t need the iwlwifi driver to run this, although it’s also supported. The wireless device requires firmware to operate.