Am I missing a step somewhere? If the driver load fails to enable a specific interrupt mode, the driver will try other interrupt modes, from least to most compatible. The and based adapters can handle up to descriptors, while others can have up to EEE support requires autonegotiation. As the issue addressed by this parameter has never been observed on Intel Architecture platforms, it should not be used on Intel platforms.

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Setting InterruptThrottleRate to 0 turns off any interrupt moderation and may improve small packet latency, but is generally not suitable for bulk throughput traffic NOTE: Multiqueue In this mode, a separate MSI-X vector is allocated for each queue and one for “other” interrupts such as link status change and errors. EEE 1 enabled A link between two EEE-compliant devices will result in periodic bursts of data followed by periods where the link is in an idle state.

To resolve this issue build the driver step 4 above using the command:. Allows changing the interrupt mode at module load time, without requiring a recompile.

Instructions on updating ethtool can be found in the section Additional Configurations later in this document. Use the ifconfig command to increase the MTU size.

If you believe your system needs to disable this style of interrupt, the driver can be built and installed with the command: If a system based on the, or controller is connected to a hub, the Activity LED will blink for all network traffic present on the hub. This script will verify that the adapter is applicable untel the fix and if the fix is needed or not.


CONFIG_E1000: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet support

This default mode is suitable for most applications. Traffic on ports 1 and 2 may be slower than expected and ping times higher than expected. Unable to allocate bus resource: This may increase network latency but also increases the chances that the system will enter a lower power state. I removed it because it shouldn’t have been there. This driver is only supported as a loadable module at this time.

Thank you for your help. An interrupt is sent to the PF driver notifying it of the spoof attempt. This parameter is only useful when interrupt affinity is specified, otherwise some portion of the time the interrupt could run on a different core than the memory is allocated on, causing slower memory access and impacting throughput, CPU, or both.

Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo. This value 82541gk with the maximum Jumbo Frames size of bytes. For questions related to hardware requirements, refer to the documentation supplied with your Intel Gigabit adapter. Adapters that have 4 8254g1i behind a Intfl bridge may be incompatible with some systems.

Example output of the script: On certain non-Intel architectures, it has been observed that intense TX traffic bursts of short packets may result in an improper descriptor writeback.


If the traffic is mostly transmit or mostly receive, the interrupt rate could be as high as This value delays the generation of transmit interrupts in units of 1.

This driver supports multiqueue in kernel versions 2. Kernel panics and instability may be observed on any MSI-X hardware if you use irqbalance with kernels between 2. IntMode controls allow load time control over the type of interrupt registered for by the driver. Want to link to this manual page?

[SOLVED] Intel PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller Problem, CentOS x86_64 – CentOS

You don’t happen to have another network controller of the ijtel kind in your machine, do you? In order 8541gi disable receive flow control using ethtool, you must turn off auto-negotiation on the same command line. This parameter is supported only on adapters using copper connections. If during this process you are asked for the driver or module name, the name for the Linux Base Driver for the Gigabit Family of Adapters is igbvf.