Aside that I do miss yum after moving to Ubuntu, it is a far better designed cli package management application and it feels much more right in use. I’m basing my recommendations on the positive feedback that I’ve read. Steam installed without any problems. After 2 months of use I very rarely boot into Windows now maybe 1 per week. If you were at one time using a 32bit live image, it would not be compatible with SecureBoot. Please, spread the FUD untu to the masses. Remove distributions that are no longer being developed.

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Introducing Fuduntu [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Here are some of my suggestions for the next release: Fixed various broken links. It’s bleeding edge, it’s fast, modern, light, elegant, and comes with a mighty punch of programs, including Steam and Netflix.

When Debian-based distros can’t figure out the hardware, it’s a great alternative. Beta release of YUMI version 2. Keep iinstall the awesome work. Quick fix to correct the double Distro list during step 2. Forget it, I completely usbb what you said. There won’t be any problems with them. Fix Eset, avira, and Dr.


Vuduntu didn’t try to get around anything. I’ll gladly blog it if you upload them, but I wouldn’t put the effort into it unless you really wanted too.

YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

It can be used to create a Multiboot Bootable USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and more. Anyway, I will switch insta,l windows as soon as I have a week of spare time to get used to it. What package manager do you use?

The additional packages, including glibc and whatnot, screwed the system beyond repair. Add filesystem type to drivelist. Upgrade to 7-Zip I’ve only been using it for a few days but so far Fuduntu has instalo to be the most compatible distro for my Acer One Netbook. Cool, whatever works best for you.

Don’t know that I generally use fedora and rock solid in the same sentence too often though. Fuduntu is Fedora on steroids, but good ones, the kind that do not shrink your testies, instxll make you manlier.


YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator | USB Pen Drive Linux

Wireless is working fine now. Download Fuduntu today – http: Today we are officially forked, and are now an independent distribution.

I will even try and run Fuduntu in a virtual environment to check it out for myself Once the system was fully up to date, I rebooted back into Ubuntu, updated the GRUB2 bootloader inxtall more and headed into Fuduntu for some the Nvidia updates. Actually just because you can add the Fedora repositories doesn’t fduntu you should. I agree it is good for database use, but it is also really good for portables. Update to support UEFI 32 bit firmware.

To be honest, I don’t know myself. D I might switch from lubuntu to fuduntu. CentOS [Desktop] [Rescue] Can I ask for the third wallpaper please? What is your market?