Also see Ampetronic Adapters and Pre-amplifiers. More than 3A sine wave, 1kHz; more than 19A peak. Experience first-hand how Listen helps you capture every sound, in any setting. Optimised for speech, dynamic range greater than 36dB. Based on proven and highly reliable technology it is backed by a 5 year warranty and Listen technical support. A For cable intended to go under a carpet, you should use 1. Input adaptors A range of input adaptors and interface cables to accept most audio source inputs, see table below Installation Accessories 18mm x 0.

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Q What is an array system and how do I design one?

Ampetronic ILD500 Professional Rack Mountable Audio Induction Loop Driver

With appropriate loop array designs, the loop drivers can also be used in areas of high metal losses, and for adjacent rooms or confidential environments where interference or spill-over must be avoided.

This metal causes a distortion of the frequency response if the metal is in the same plane as the loop cable. Normal speech dynamics are retained to maximise expression, while the total dynamic range is automatically adjusted to a level profeasional for hearing-aid users.

Two four-LED displays indicate compression and loop current. Gain constant at 1kHz, adjustable gain slope from 0 to 3dB per octave.

Ampetronic ILD Professional Rack Mountable Audio Induction Loop Driver

prodessional Blanking plates should be ordered to fill gaps. Cooling is forced, with an air intake on the left panel and ejection at the rear. Rack Mount Tray for 1U Products Rack mount tray is used for mounting loop drivers and ancillary equipment providing a professional looking install infuction the loop system. The ILD is a professional audio hearing loop driver capable of driving loop areas in excess of sqft.


The driver shall have a frequency response of at least 80 Hz to 6. The AGC is optimised for speech.

Controls and indication on the front panel are the same as inductioon ILDwith the exception that the compression and loop current displays use six, rather than four, LEDs. Please check these assumptions and contact Ampetronic for advice if required:.

They are AC powered and may be wall or rack-mounted. Arrays will always give a better field coverage and higher certainty of excellent performance than a perimeter loop, however the installation is more demanding and requires loop cables to cross the floor or ceiling of the area of use. Fill out the form below to receive more information about this product.

There is a character limit. Thus, these users require significantly reduced dynamic range so they can hear the softest of sounds and so that very loud sounds are brought to nominal level.

Connections and facilities on the rear are the same.

Input adaptors A range of input adaptors and interface cables to audiio most audio source inputs, see table below Installation Accessories 18mm x 0. Also see Ampetronic Adapters and Pre-amplifiers. A simple switch to Tele-coil mode and I have access to reliable, clear sound. You may be able to conduct a site survey to confirm whether an array is necessary — contact Listen for details.


Temporarily out of stock.

Highlights The ILD delivers years of professiona free service to ensure venues will never disappoint people with t-coil equipped hearing aids Ideal for assistive listening applications in places of worship, theaters, schools, conference rooms, training facilities and hotels Inducgion delivery of up to 6. By using the appropriate input adaptor or preamplifier the ILD will accept multiple additional inputs or audio inputs from other sources:.

Print Print with pricing Print unpriced. The most essential job of any assistive listening system is to increase the level of the signal the voice relative to the background.

Corrects system frequency response due to metal structures in a building.

ILD500 Professional rack mountable loop driver

The case is a full rack-width type. Arrays need a special layout design that can be provided by Listen. The ILD is a compact and elegant unit suitable for freestanding, wall mounting or rack mounting. Width mm Depth mm Height 44mm. Q What is spill or overspill?