Your manual failed to upload S Table type out of range. October 1, Hortonworks Inc. Configuring a client data source Installing the drivers Chapter 3: June Copyright

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Considerations and limitations The Unix drivers do not support the following: S Information type wql/mx of range. ODBC application directory 3. There are two types of data sources. Change Bar NotationChange bars are used to indicate substantive differences between this manual and itspreceding version. Linux 64 Perform the following steps to uninstall the driver: Windows The following table lists the installation requirements for the Windows driver: Accept the License Agreement and click Next.

Preparing the System for Oracle GoldenGate Processing

Log on to the HP—UXia64 workstation as a root user. Check the startup messages to verify that the Remote Proxy session started successfully. Upon successful uninstallation, the following message is displayed: Log on as super. Type these items exactly as shown.


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How to create ODBC connection for SQL/MX in HP NonStop?

S1C00 Driver not capable. Configuring a client data source Contact your service provider. S1LD0 No long data values pending.

Upgrading to Document Manager 2. Compatibility and considerations Lists the compatibility for the drivers. Access Control 6 1.

For an ODBC 3. The name format is: Click Start to start the Remote Proxy session.

HP NonStop ODBC/MX Client Drivers User Guide for SQL/MX Release 3.2.1

Perform the following steps to configure a client data source: HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Notation conventions General syntax notation This list summarizes the notation conventions for syntax presentation in this manual.

The data source must be configured and started. An ellipsis immediately following a single syntax item indicates that you can repeat that syntax item any number of times. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written.


Sage, the Sage logos and the Sage product. Create a temporary installation folder to download the installation file.

HP NonStop G-Series : ODBC/MX Driver for Windows Manual (SQL/MX 2.x)

The attribute values of keywords used for the successful connection are saved in this file. Log on to the HP UXia64 workstation as a root user. Modify the connection attributes of client data source for Windows drivers to connect to Remote Proxy. Legal Notice Confidential computer More information.