Become root Step 3: I am using fedora FC10 with 2. No such file or directory make: The brightness settings are slightly off, is there a way to adjust brightness levels of the webcam? Worked like a charm on a Creative Webcam NX.

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If neccessary, just do Code: Become root For administrative task Ubuntu uses the sudo command. Original post is HERE. The “linux” packages will download the headers of your kernel and the restricted modules from the repositories.

[Elementary OS] How to install spca5xx driver?

I found that this command loads the necessary libraries and enables the webcam to work with skype. Now you can use your cam in Wengophone for video conference with friends and colleagues.

I cannot use webcam in skype or not onstall in amsn. Originally Posted by osor The first question is: Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

You might have an access or security error preventing you from correctly reading from the video capture device. I tried this same tutorial on my other computer and it worked perfectly: This means it might crash your kernel in the worst case. The prompt should change to: Preparing Some preparing words — if you didn’t compile your own kernel, this section can be omitted.


Compiling the spca5xx source code make There should be no errors. I do not know what this means -Run as root go to gspcav1 directory and run: At the time of writing is the latest version.

USB Web Cams

This command will install your module in directory, were other kernel modules are placed. Vendor kernels might even include it sooner, but it looks like fedora 10 uses 2.

If you’re are using a USB hub to connect it, the webcam might not work and might freeze your computer. If you need to reset your password, click here.

How to configure webcam in Debian Linux | Debian Admin

Invalid module format You will have to recompile with the correct gcc version. Become s;ca5xx Step 3: It looks like the webcam had been recognised.

I suggest you look at the output of Code:. In skype it says “No devices found”. All times are GMT No such file or directory make: Unable to connect to dbus: Get the spca5xx source code Step 2: So I suggest, you go there: No such file or directory. But the current kernel is compiled with gcc Find More Posts by JOtis Compiling the spca5xx source code Workaround to make the Makefile use gcc Ho as we use a pre-compiled kernel, we have to cheat.


If yow does not work, see the Troubleshooting section below.