As it is designed, the weight fully compresses the spring until an audible click is heard at around MPH clubhead speed. Their main function is selling certifications. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Its a great warm up tool as well and I noticed better driving distance and accuracy when I take practice swings with it while playing. And the other issues is what are your goals?

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He began to notice several things that held back the average player, but struggled to find a fix that could help all of them. My intent with this post is to be as clear as possible, so direct that even the most pompous and dense will comprehend. Quite easy to make your own weighted club.

Tempo is the overall duration, or pace, of the swing. Now, if you are swinging at MPH, the weight will compress earlier in the downswing but, it should always stay compressed through the ball and return back to the original position at the peak of the follow-through.

Sports psychologists, swing pros, and all other kinds of people would routinely get in touch with him to see if he was interested in collaborating with them. Their main function is selling certifications.

Felix 4 years ago. Do you have anything for younger kids?

Heavyweight Swing Trainer Roundup

Despite being the heaviest, the Orange Whip is also the most balanced of the heavy clubs in our test. TheHacker 6 years hwnk. In the season he fired Harmon and later that year hired Hank Haney. To swing the Gold Flex fluidly and and in tempo will definitely strengthen your wrists and fore arms, while also providing a good stretch.


Does the gold flex help with over the top??


Tfmpo come over the top often and was told the Orange Whip would tempk but the cost has held me back. Tony 6 years ago. Filled the head with sand, filled the shaft with sand then used a hole punch as a counterbalance and way of keeping the sand in the shaft. Penick stated I do not pretend for a tempp to have golfing knowledge on par with his. Hey guys, I am an the creator of the TempoTRAINER and I can tell you that the primary area of focus for the product is to develop proper swing tempo whereby the maximum clubhead speed occurs through the ball.

If you need a strong reminder to start your downswing with your lower body, the flexible clubs are a better choice than the steel-shafted ones. Try the Matzie Swing Trainer instead. The reason for incorporating the sliding weight and spring is to accurately teach the principal of zero-max-zero zero at the top of the backwing, max handy impact and zero in the top of the follow-through as it relates to clubhead speed.

The only reason that I brought up Mr. The Tempo Trainer website focuses largely on the ability of this device to help you warm up before playing and to ingrain good mechanics. Almost every teaching professional enjoys using the Gold Flex as it forces the student to make a smooth transition at the top of there Golf swing.


It was then that I learned about the six-pound hardened steel rod outfitted with a golf grip.

Haney: Increase club head speed

You should be able to find both the Orange Whip and the Gold Flex at any big box golf store, so I would recommend a demo session before you purchase either one. This is a frickin golf blog, not a board room.

Tempo is at the root of being able to repeat a successful swing.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I asked him what was the heaviest weight I should use and he said ounces. George R May 2, at 3: So what should you buy? For me I swing my sand wedge for warm ups and swing training. There is indeed scietific evidence that is you are training for speed, you go hany and faster, not heavier.

I just found the balance is better and it seems more flexible [maybe that is just me] and just seems better for my swing.