The limit for the number of variables Filemaker will allow in a Let statement is That way, the initial sync will only pull the records into their offline file that they have access to on the database. MirrorSync will continue to retry that edit operation each time the sync script is run. This is a common configuration for join tables in many-to-many relationships. It does not support referenced container fields When the user checks the box ‘Store only a reference to this file’ when attaching the file.

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If you’re syncing with a copy of the server file, but fmk file size reasons, you don’t want them to download a complete copy of the databasefollow these steps:. This will either result in a loss of data or a canceled sync depending on the conflict resolution strategy.

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Mfi will result in primary keys that look like “1. Thursday, April 06, Can I just sync certain tables, fields, or records? MirrorSync prevents multiple users with different usernames from sharing the same offline file, because if record level access privileges or script filters were configured differently for each user, that would lead to the sync process incorrectly deleting the wrong records on the server, which would be very bad.

Can I change them? This is a place where you can add custom behavior before, during, and after the synchronization process. Friday, 7 April 1: So far, we have been able to trace all of these occurrences to one of the following 3rd party extensions:.


jdbc 6 « Database « Java Database Q&A

If not, it will prompt the user to do the initial sync. Sometimes this internal database can get out of date, especially if primary keys are modified in the database. This means that MirrorSync itself ran out of memory.

It is the developer’s responsibility to pick some scheme that ensures that the same primary key is never used for different fmmi on different databases. Before talking about ways to make MirrorSync faster, let’s first talk about what type of operations take longest:.

If fi use a calculated value for your primary key, for instance by combining other fields or be adding a prefix, select ‘Developer Managed’ primary keys in the MirrorSync configuration. The new memory settings won’t take effect until Tomcat is restarted, which can be done using the Works Admin. Syncing certain fields is also very easy: If a record on the server cannot be written because it is locked being editedthe offline user will get a warning error message telling them this.

However, follow these tips before making changes:. Any help would be appreciate too. If you encounter this issue, check to see if you have any of these applications running, either by looking at the top-right menubar corner or using the Activity Monitor application.

When you create a download link to share with users, it creates a URL that users can click on to download a copy to their own device.

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This issue typically occurs when a syncing client opens a connection to the MirrorSync server for a container upload, but takes longer than the connectionTimeout jddbc configured in IIS. These memory settings won’t take effect unless the WPE is restarted, which you can do using the ‘fmsadmin restart wpe’ command.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Option 4 jdbcdrver considered ‘ MirrorSync-managed. This issue can occur when the host name used to access your SSL enabled FileMaker Server does not match the host name resulting from reverse looking up the Server’s IP address. If you are running MirrorSync on iOS, then this cannot be hidden. If you have MirrorSync setup on a Linux box and can only use the command line, the process rmi a little different. If you decide to limit the synced records, you may choose to distribute an empty clone to your users instead of a full copy of the database.

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This way, you’ll have all of the scripts and layouts in the UI file, while the MirrorSync internal metadata will be stored in your data file. To do this, add a ‘?

MirrorSync uses foreign keys for two purposes. Another database might have records 1 through To uninstall on Mac, run the ‘Mac Uninstaller.