I just can not understand why he can’t print and I can when I set the printer up on both laptops the same way. Click okay, and then click apply. Windows may say ‘Additional port information required’. We have already tried to do both basic and advanced color balance without getting any improvement. Problems with PS global print driver and windows 10 version I get error code — every second minutes.

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The xerox seems to have very few printer profiles.

Before we can install the new printer, we first need to download drivers for it. Where would I find the latest firmware that is installed in the printer? Thanks for any help that someone can provide.

Xerox ColorQube ‘Refurbished’ – multicopiers

It just stays stuck colorque, and nothing works. Hi, Long time user of my Xerox and for the most part its been problem free aside from Scan to PC stops working if my windows computer ever goes to sleep. WorkCentre throwing printing from MacBook. Problems with PS global print driver and windows 10 version The required printer drivers should now appear in a folder on your desktop. I need to set the driver default that users can only send secure print jobs and a default password.


Can you help me solve? I have updated the firmware but there seems to be no way to get the error message to dissapear. This printer is networked in my home office. Recently we patched a clients Servers R2 and since September, we have had a huge issue with no users being able to add Type 4 drivers. I have seen the previous thread and made sure my drivers were current and colorqueb set up was correct.

With alot of inkject printers you can download printer profiles for specific types of paper. The type 3 is version Find your download in the downloads dialogue, and double click on the file.

The closest I got was an instruction somewhere to use CentreWare to reset the printer, but they only have Windows version of that software. Are you the publisher? Based on the way the photo comes out and the shape of the blotches my guess is there are specs on the drum – but this is all sealed apprently you can’t replace the imaging unit on these since they’re LED based and shouldn’t need replacing. Good morning, I would like to report a problem arising on the Phaser DN printer In the graphic printing phase the images are doubled This is not a driver problem because the defect is also highlighted by printing the reports directly from the printer.


Is possible that I have to print in this way? I get error code — every second minutes. Hello I have a problem with printing in adobe programs. The installation works fine and the automatical testpage is printed correctly.

C75 with blotchy black printing. I’m just cloorqube my fuser like my printer asked J’aitelecharge le pilote depuis le Fiery, depuis le site Xerox et aussi du site enfin.

Xerox ColorQube 9301 ‘Refurbished’

The errors when trying to add a Type 4 driver are below Once you click on you get a Access denied Error Any insight or help to resolve this as we would prefer to use Type 4 drivers in the future. Hello all, how are you? Can any updates for windows? This concludes the tutorial. The error message persists even if I load paper in the manual bypass tray.

Any insight or ideas to try? Also, print jobs get stuck in “decomposing” or “pending” and they cannot be deleted.

How do I do that?