Now it’s time for another kind of notebook PCs meant to replace desktop PCs. The powerful cooling system copes well with its functions. I was set a challenge when I told a friend the specifications of the laptop, I bet it won t run Doom 3 , I wasn t going to leave it at that, so duly installed Doom 3 on the machine and set sail. If you wanted to take this to a LAN the ATi sticker is going to show that you really mean business on this thing. The link you shared is now dead.

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Asus have given this laptop a shocker of a feature, a 2 W subwoofer built into the chassis giving the laptop a 2.

It’s the first time a notebook has 5 USB ports, which are located in different places at that. Site The Taiwanese site is user-friendly and has in-depth illustrated descriptions of notebooks.

The exhaust fan doesn t turn on if you are just sitting on the desktop, though the instant you go to GameHigh Performance or Super Performance modes the fan kicks in and starts whirring away, it s not terribly noisy, but it will get you some attention if you decide to fire up Doom 3 on it while in a quiet room.

Is it a Ferrari or a VW? Along the front edge of the laptop is the Asus DJ feature, which allows you to play music CDs without the need to boot into Windows or if Windows is running it will take control of your default Media Player instead. The latch for the laptop lid is fitted with a chunky looking slide release so you aren t fiddling with it to open the laptop up and it makes a very satisfying and reassuring click when you close it giving the impression that it s locked up tighter than Fort Knox.


In this case we can’t allow for a light weight or consider that the run-down time can make up for some downsides.

Asus A2 Budget Notebook Review (pics, specs)

The powerful cooling system copes well with its functions. The production notebooks will certainly have a different accessory pack. Visit our network of sites: Since it has a TV-out connection, and is working good otherwise, I have it hooked up to my television as a kind of media-center to play video over LAN.

Basically I was after a budget laptop. So overall the sound on the laptop isn t unbearably bad. Sign up using Facebook.

Asus A2 Budget Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Tests Here you will see only plain figures since it makes no sense to compare notebooks equipped with CPUs of different clock speeds. The bundled software isn t too bad and seems very generous considering, yet again the price tag on the machine:.

Now it’s time for another kind of notebook PCs meant to replace desktop PCs. The Asus came with an array of things out of the box: I ve often found myself, when touch-typing to end up hitting the key instead of return. It has an almost assu arrangement of the components and nice appearance. If you are looking for a laptop on a budget and aren t too bothered about battery consumption or having to carry the laptop too far then definitely give the Asus a look, similarly, if you are an avid gamer on a budget I would recommend this laptop to you for LAN Parties and the like, it s performance is unparalleled at this price mark and it looks like it should cost north of the 1, mark.


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Upgrades and Replacements Parts for ASUS AH – Memory, Batteries, Hard Drives – Kahlon

Accessories Since we got a preproduction sample, it came only with a power source and a CD with drivers and utilities. There are however 2 problems 250h it:. There are however 2 problems with it: I want to remove the screen as cleanly as possible, but am having trouble opening up the laptop.

I’ve also removed any other screws I could spot, but still the casing doesn’t come auss and seems to be attached by yet more screws I can’t access yet.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: As I made obvious before, I was a bit concerned about how the laptop actually looks as well, and the Asus doesn t disappoint. Waiter, Another Battery Please! Email Required, but never shown.

Having said that, Asus have added a tilt switch to the middle of the 2 touchpad buttons, allowing you to scroll through documents and web pages. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Qsus main trends in the notebook PC development leave their traces in practice: Keys, Keys, Keys The keyboard is a dream to use, the keys feel just right and it is easy to make the swap from a full-size desktop keyboard to this keyboard.