Tx power is 20dBm. Add Path of FTP support special character. Modify the string of MAC Filtering. Fixed the stream list. Added quick setup on camera setting remove all, copy to another channel. Therefore, all devices on a wireless network must use the same key and same type of encryption. But the process failed in the middle.

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Support the SD home button. J1 92KB. HTTPS audio upload function cannot work. If you use high gain omni antenna and high power setting in near distance, the signal will interfere to each other. Add keep record minimum days 2. Add Event alarm report dialog 6. In addition, 5-level TX arlive adjustment let you match different antennas for law compliance.

Enhance compatibility with Firefox and Chrome. Fix CGI security issue.

Airlive Wl – Pcm Xp Driver – programmescommercial

Enable IAPP function by default. Add Wireless WatchDog 4. The WAN port become the wireless function.


Added quick setup on camera setting remove all, copy to another channel. How to configure APv2 x 3 to work in point to multipoint mode?

WL-5460AP v2

This can 5640 a remote AP, or a local client. But clients devices can still see each other. Please use wired cable to upgrade firmware.

Please check your model name first. Added channel tool box configuration. The ability to set lower TX output power is also crucial if you want to match the AP with external power amplifier. Fixed reset Counter function failed. Please see the attached file. What is the ;cm IP address of my AP?

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Fixed IE 11 remote playback speed button issue 6. Make sure the power, network environment are normal when you update this firmware version. The max Tx power is 20dBm. MD5summer to see if it matches the one provided above. Bugs Fixed – EventDB has wrong data after a long time processing. To ensure the success of this upgrade, any user who is running a version prior to v6. Avi file has frame lose situation. Added pull-down function list in Event Schedule. There seems to be some virus or browser bug recently that is causing this issue.


I have a modem of my ISP installed at home.

Wl – Pcm Driver – musics-friendly

Added a description in IVS event. Choose the network you want to connect and click w the “connect” box. Modify the string of Log.

Change web user interface format.