Very pleased with the product. Step 2d1c- SCRA reader. Click Firefox word upper left of your screen. If the certificate is already in Firefox, a window will pop up stating: Go top of screen , Utilities, double click Keychain Access. Please let us know if this helps or you have other questions. You may notice some of the certificates will have a red circle with a white X.

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Below ” Hardware ” click ” USB. Are you interested in subscribing to the CACNews email list?

You have to do this step for every single certificate. Option 2 to install the certificates very tedious manual: Data Sheet – Detailed Specifications. Select “USB” in the list of hardware contents. Can your Mac ” see” the reader? You will see several dozen browser tabs open up, let it open as many as it aftividentity.


ActivClient CAC and PIV Version for Mac – Download

What’s in the log? In the Enable selection boxchange to All Applications. The console should reveal what happens when the CAC is inserted. Verify which version of MacOS do you have?

Different readers will show differently, most readers have no problem in this step. If you see 0x, your reader is installed on your system, and no further hardware changes are required. Additional DoD certificate installation instructions actividenitty Firefox users. Very pleased with the product. If your reader does not look like these, go to Step 3.

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The icons may or may not have a red circle with the white x. We use bit SSL encryption for the transfer of all confidential information. You can now Quit System Profiler and continue to Step 3.

Don’t forget to come back to this page to continue. Once you’ve added all of the certificates You may be prompted to enter computer password. See Step 2d1 for specific reader issues. Advanced tab on left side of screen. If you have tried accessing CAC enabled sites prior to following these instructions, please go through this page activirentity proceeding.


From inside the AllCerts extracted folder, select all of the certificates. Please website with your friends and colleagues. Last Update or Review: Is your CAC reader “Mac friendly”? Supported Mac OS X: This means your computer does not actividentiity those certificates. Step 2d1a- SCR reader. All CACs [other than these five] were supposed to be replaced prior to 1 October I went to the site and looked for firmware updates and can not find any.